The Democratic Party

of Hood County, Texas


We believe that the Democratic Party, with its great diversity, its flexibility of organization, its historic adaptability to fruitful change, and its instinctive responsiveness to human needs and aspirations, can provide the leadership required in these challenging times.

We further believe:

  • that we must join together with a renewed faith in our country, in our state, and in our Party to provide our people with responsive, responsible government;
  • that the government functions best when it is closest to the people;
  • that our government is and should be of laws and not of favoritism or of arbitrary caprice, and therefore we condemn any resolution or conflicts, save through legal processes;
  • that all citizens, no matter what their religion or race or how humble or exalted their origin or station, have the duty to participate fully at every level of government and are entitled to an equal voice and to equal treatment at its hands; and
  • that, as Democrats, we are proud and upright citizens of the United States, that we are determined not only to serve our country, but also to stand shoulder to shoulder with citizens of other states in providing meaningful, responsible, and constructive leadership for our great nation.