The Democratic Party

of Hood County, Texas

Stop Theorizing, Start Serving

April 10, 2018


LOCAL SCHOOLHOUSE THREATS - Recently we saw the arrest of two Granbury ISD middle school students. One allegedly posted a threat directed at other students on social media, the other allegedly wrote a threat on a classroom clipboard. Word got out, official statements were made and BAM! Facebook blows up with every opinion under the sun on why these students acted the way they did. I’m willing to bet that all who made or read the posts are not licensed child psychologists who’ve had the opportunity to interview the students charged. Many of us are parents or grandparents and have an, “I’ve been down the parenthood road, so I feel entitled to voice my opinion” attitude. It’s human nature to be stirred to vocally respond when this happens in our own community; heck, I’d be more concerned if we weren’t responding.

My daughter attends one of the middle schools where a threat was made; she had one of the arrested students in her class - this hit home hard!


However, I challenge us to pause for a moment and think about this - How have we directly served our students and schools this week?

HERE’S THE HARSH TRUTH - Students and schools who have consistent parental and community involvement in their lives perform better socially, academically, artistically, athletically, etc. When we have relationships that pour into us daily, it’s difficult to keep pent-up anger or feelings of despair hidden; someone is more likely to notice when something just isn’t right. It’s no different with our students.

“But I work full-time”; “I don’t have any kids at the schools”; “I’ve done my part already, it’s someone else’s turn”…are valid statements. But, I will challenge us all with this thought; if we were promised a million dollars for volunteering just three times this year at our child’s school, or the closest school, I’m willing to bet we’d ALL find a way to get there. I work full-time too. I was a full-time working single-parent for many years; I was tired and stressed out, but I knew it was my responsibility as a parent to serve in any capacity I could at my daughter’s school. And I did…and I still do.


WHERE TO START? - Visit and get the number of your closest school and call them and ask, “How can I serve our students today?” Call your child’s Principal and ask, “Where do you need my help?” Every school in our district has a Parents-Teacher Organization (PTO) - join it!


PTO - We have more than 800 students at Granbury Middle School, but we only get 4-6 parents at PTO meetings, and 4 of those are PTO Officers who must be there.

MENTORING - Our middle schools have a mentoring program that have twice as many students waiting to be mentored than we have volunteers. Mentoring is simply enjoying a 30-minute lunch with your student, and listening, talking, chatting about school, sports, whatever is the topic of the day. It’s not awkward. There’s other volunteers and students in the room too. It’s FUN! I’m blessed to have an employer that lets me make that 35-minute drive back to Granbury to keep my mentoring commitment. Ask your employer if they’d support you serving as a mentor. Our students need you - our schools need you!

ACTION, NOT WORDS - Stop complaining and theorizing on Facebook. Start engaging daily with your child(ren) and actively serve our students and schools - that’s the best way to a solution.