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Trump, the Shameless

June 8, 2018


Another New Low- This past week provided us with perhaps the starkest example of Trump’s fraudulent reign…at least to date.

When the Super Bowl Champion Eagles couldn’t field a full roster to kiss his ring at the White House, he “disinvited” them. Just as he disinvited the previous Super Bowl winners, the Patriots. And last year’s NBA Champs, the Warriors. All because some of those players chose to not attend…and told the media why.

Donald gives a party, but no one comes- In various ways the players made clear that the reason for not attending was that Trump was going to be there. Some didn’t want to have to shower immediately after…some feared allergic reactions to the smell of brimstone that wafts about his White House…and some just didn’t like being called SOB’s and threatened with “…maybe you shouldn’t be in the country…” What a sensitive lot!

Of course, for such a tough guy, nobody is more sensitive than Trump. As always, that’s how it is with bullies. That’s why they’re bullies. Because they’re scared. Really scared. And they get their feelings hurt easily. As he does.

“Awww, we sorry Donny, don’t cry.”

But Donny didn’t cry. He’s a big boy! He’s the President, so he just ordered up some military bands and cajoled various flunkies, interns, and lobbyists to attend his little party in the park. He ordered a “crowd” of folks to Celebrate America with him. He had a wonderful sing-along of patriotic tunes. So what that he didn’t know the words. The important thing is that it was colorful and played well on the TVs scattered across rural America and he and his supporters all shed their crocodile tears of patriotism.

For the adults in the room, the spectacle was sad, bordering on pathetic.

Can the Founders Save Us? - Our Founders created a system of government that is both well-defined and flexible. Genius really. But they depended on a characteristic of the gentlemen (I apologize ladies, but they were all men) of their day to ensure it would work. They counted on a man’s personal sense of shame to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow would fulfill their duties properly. They didn’t write in the legalisms that would force their successors to live up to their oaths. They simply never imagined our current crop of shameless politicians.

For instance, a Senate majority leader that, without an iota of shame, would refuse to do his Constitutional duty of providing advice and consent on a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Or a Speaker of the House that led the “repeal and replace” movement through dozens of fatuous votes, finally pushing through a plan to deprive 30 million Americans of healthcare.

Sure, those guys are shameless. But they’re just pikers to Trump.

His Royal Shameless-in-Chief, an emotional child, a juvenile delinquent that admits to groping women, consorting with porn stars, and has not an atom of decency, morality, or humanity in him; the word shameless doesn’t do him justice. He is beyond words.

The genius of our Enlightment Founders has met its match.


William Rivers Pitt on Trump’s Patriotism

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