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of Hood County, Texas

Obamacare and your Christmas Dinner

December 19, 2018


Be ready for your crazy Uncle Fred!

Many of us have family members we rarely see except at major holidays. This Christmas the recent Obamacare court ruling may lead to polarized discussion. So we have prepared some handy-dandy talking points taken from the following Bob Cesca article in SALON, an on-line news and opinion site.

Many of the most consumer-friendly provisions of Obamacare affect not just those of us who buy insurance through the marketplace, but employee group health coverage plans as well.

We recommend reading Bob’s article and then printing out the below bullet points as a quick reference guide.


**Keep this Tickle File with You **

How repeal or invalidation of Obamacare affects all Americans:

  1. The Medicare Part-D prescription “doughnut hole” would reopen. This affects all Medicare patients.
  2. Elimination of the ACA requirements that plans offer a complete range of coverage. (Includes group plans).
  3. Re-institution of annual and lifetime limits on coverage as well as cancellation of policies for people in the midst of cancer or other forms of treatment. Now those folks have “pre-existing” conditions and would again be ineligible for coverage by any company. (Includes group plans).
  4. Elimination of the ACA-imposed limits on total-out-of-pocket costs, deductibles, and copays. (Includes group plans).
  5. Children will again “age-out” for coverage on their parents’ health coverage at 19 (or 22 for fulltime students) instead of the present age 26. (Includes group plans).
  6. Elimination of the ACA requirement that insurance companies must spend at least 85% of collected premiums on providing healthcare (prevents price-gouging). (Includes group plans).
  7. Elimination of the requirement to cover drug addiction treatment and prevention. (Includes group plans).
  8. Nursing home employees will no longer have to pass a background check. (Includes group plans).
  9. Medicaid expansion will be eliminated.
  10. Insurance companies will again be able to charge women higher rates than men. (Includes group plans).