The Democratic Party

of Hood County, Texas

The Democrats are the Party for Young Voters

May 11, 2019


By Charles Stonick

Party Identification is Waning

The recent mid-term elections illustrated that our country and state are moving toward more balanced representation. Democrats now control half of Congress and are working to fulfill the Constitutional duty of oversight of the executive branch. At the state level, Democratic showings in statewide races have led to a notion that Texas is again “in play”. We can expect to see 2020 candidates campaigning throughout our state.

One party rule, by definition, represents only a portion of the electorate. We know that democracy thrives on the competition of ideas and serves best when a spirit of cooperation and compromise are present.

Recent national polls show party identification decreasing for both Republicans and Democrats, while Independents have grown to include almost half of all voters. To me, that indicates Democrats must enlarge our tent, especially to include our younger voters, now the largest block of Independents.


Democrats Are Addressing Independents

To that end, we see Democrats reflecting the issues of importance to those voters; the student loan crisis which hangs an enormous millstone around our younger citizens’ necks, climate change which threatens the health, security, and wealth of all coming generations, and income inequality, which is at the root of a dwindling middle class.

Student Debt

Our younger voters recognize that these are more than economic threats. The student loan crisis leads to fewer post-secondary graduates and less opportunities to achieve that middle class life. Democrats, as a party, are addressing these concerns with a variety of loan abatement policies, forgiveness of loans that were proffered by fraudulent schools, reductions in the allowable interest rates, and even designs for free higher education, as is the norm in much of the developed world.


Climate Change

Climate change, an issue that has been stonewalled for decades, will soon dominate our economy, our government, and our society. Climate-driven mass migrations are already underway. Democrats are proposing real solutions that will also open opportunities for our young citizens, while moving our economy to sustainable sources of energy. That such a transition will create millions of new jobs is the icing on the cake.


Inequality in Income

Income inequality leads to political inequality. When a fraction of the population controls an inordinate amount of the nation’s wealth, they call the tune to our government. We see that not only at the national level, but at the state level as well. Texas PACs are funding the smallest elections, even here in Hood County. Great wealth creates public policy that benefits it, and not the majority of our citizens.


Democrats are the Party of the Future

Your Hood County Democrats are contributors to the national reawaking of our liberal principles – those principles that gave us the post-WWII boom and created the greatest middle class in history. By bringing those principles to bear in the 21st century we can recreate that middle class miracle.

You can be a part of this by visiting our local party website (, our Facebook page ( or attending our monthly meetings at the Hood County Annex 1, every third Thursday of the month, at 6:30 PM.

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